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Lytro Cinema Brings New Meaning to 'We'll Fix it in Post'

After a rough begin with still photography, Lytro a year ago moved to virtual reality and is currently looking at cinematographers and visual impacts masters with Lytro Cinema, a camera that takes into consideration weighty video alters after the activity is recorded.

This new framework catches all the beams of light inside a scene, so that every individual pixel has shading, directional, and profundity properties. This, as indicated by Lytro, takes into consideration shots that would have been difficult to accomplish previously.

As boss item officer Ariel Braunstein portrays in the video beneath, video has for quite some time been a 2D medium while PC representation have a tendency to be 3D. Lytro Cinema, be that as it may, hands each edge over a video into a three-dimensional model.

Videographers have a "boundless capacity to center and make any gap," says Jon Karafin, Lytro's Head of Light Field Video. Move camera to one side or right or done in after generation; it's "as though you had a green screen for each question."

With Lytro Camera, "choices that have customarily been made on set, similar to center position and profundity of field, can now be made computationally," as indicated by Karafin. "We're on the bleeding edge of what's conceivable in film generation."
Lytro Cinema Brings New Meaning to 'We'll Fix it in Post' Reviewed by Danish JG on January 16, 2017 Rating: 5

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